Nederlands voor anderstaligen




Inburgering & Staatsexamen NT2

The teachers at Nedles are authentically driven to help you practice and get it right by being supportive and encouraging.
Bridget Erdmann
When I just got here and sat on the tram, I couldn’t understand the people around me at all. That made me feel very alone. But now I do understand! Thanks to Nedles, I really feel part of the Dutch culture and that makes me very happy.
Suzy Andrews from Great-Brittain
The teachers at Nedles are very practical and focused. They know exactly what you need. And the classes are not only about learning the language. They have taken us to different museums and we’ve also sang Dutch songs together. I've not experienced this in any other Dutch language class.
Ziyad Al-Ahmed from Syria

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ma 22 mei 2017

Halfgevorderden dagcursus, De Sprong

Van A2 naar B1. De cursus voor halfgevorderden is bedoeld voor mensen die eenvoudig Nederlands kunnen spreken en verstaan (niveau A2).


Derde Oosterparkstraat 271, 1092 EA Amsterdam

wo 24 mei 2017

Voorbereiding Staatsexamen NT2


Derde Oosterparkstraat 271, 1092 EA Amsterdam

ma 29 mei 2017

Voorbereiding Staatsexamen NT2-1, halfgevorderden plus

Van B1 min naar B1. Voorbereiding op het Staatsexamen NT2 programma 1


Nieuwe Herengracht 145 1011 SG Amsterdam