Dutch civic integration examination abroad

Dutch civic integration examination abroad

If you need a provisional residence permit (MVV), you need to pass this exam.
You will have to take this examination at the Dutch Embassy or Consulate General in your country of origin or current country of residence. The examination is not difficult. You need to know some Dutch at language level A1, which is a very elementary level of Dutch. You need to be able to read. You don’t have to write. For the Knowledge of Dutch society you only have to learn 100 questions and answers by heart.

The examination comprises three parts. Part 1 tests your knowledge of Dutch society (the 100 questions). Parts 2 and 3 test your knowledge of the Dutch language.

  • Knowledge of Dutch Society (KNS)
    You need to learn 100 easy questions and answers by heart. These 100 questions are in the foot book “Naar Nederland”.
  • Speaking
    The speaking exam consists of 2 parts:
    a. answer questions
    b. finish a sentence
  • Reading
    This test consists of three types of questions:

    • You listen to a word and you choose the right written one
    • You read a word and you choose the right one when you listen to it
    • You answer questions about a written story.

All three tests are made on the computer. You don’t need to write. At www.naarnederland.nl you can see an example of all parts of the exam.

You can find the official information from the government at www.inburgeren.nl/basisexamen-inburgeren-buitenland.jsp 

And of course, if you want more information, or if you want to discuss the options in a personal consultation, please email or call us.