Civic integration and State examination NT2

Would you like to do a training to prepare for the civic integration exam  or the State examination NT2?

We advise you to take a general language course first to bring your language at the required level. When you (almost) have the required level you can do a specific training for the exam.

Please see for all official information of the government on this topic. But if you get lost on that website, I hope this page helps you.

For those who need to take an exam because of the civic integration, for naturalization, for obtaining a permanent residence or a Dutch passport, these are the possibilities:

Those who got their residence permit (MVV) after January 1 2015 and want to use the Staatsexamen NT2 for their civic integration must do the exams Knowledge of Dutch society and Orientation on the labour market as well. See the information about the civic integration exam for the content of these exams.

Which exam is most appropriate for you? My advice:

  • Do you have a (near) academic level and the ambition to express yourself on that level in Dutch?
    => Staatsexamen NT2-II
  • Do you have a lower educational level or difficulties with learning a new language or fewer ambitions, but you want to learn Dutch on a reasonable level?
    => Staatsexamen NT2-I
  • You don’t really need the Dutch language, but you need a diploma for naturalization, passport or a residence permit?
    => Civic integration exam

Other exams

The civic integration exam abroad, language level A1
This is the exam that you need to pass to obtain a provisional residence permit (MVV). You have to do this exam at the Dutch embassy or consulate of your home country.

The exam for naturalization from abroad, language level A2

Please, email or call us if you want more information, or if you want to discuss the options in a personal consultation.