Advanced plus

Start date 06-04-2020

Monday: 09:30-12:00
Tuesday: 09:30-12:00
Friday: 09:30-12:00

Course duration: 12 weeks
End date: 10-07-2020
Voorlopig online, indien mogelijk 3e Oosterparkstraat 271, 1092 EA Amsterdam

Start level: B1
Target level: B2
Number of students: 4 - 10
Homework per week: 7.5 hours
Course price : € 1,530.00 (90 hours)

The course is meant for advanced students, who want to improve their Dutch and bring it to the level where they can communicate on a (near) academic level. It’s also meant for those who want to prepare for the State examination NT2-2. The method we use is Codeplus-deel 4 This method is meant for those who want to function or study on (or near) an academic level. During the lessons, we will focus mainly on speaking skills and grammar explanation. Everything that can be done individually will be done outside of class. Writing assignments are preferably sent by email to the teacher and reviewed in class so that classroom time can be used more efficiently.

In this method – Codeplus – students are required to spend a lot of time on homework on the computer. The level of this course is a bit higher that the other advanced course, De Finale.

The book consists of 40 sub themes; during these 12 weeks we can cover 32 sub themes.

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Start date 06-04-2020