Beginners plus course – De Opmaat

Start date 07-10-2019

Monday: 11:45-14:45
Wednesday: 11:45-14:45
Thursday: 11:45-14:45

Course duration: 4 weeks
End date: 01-11-2019
3e Oosterparkstraat 271, 1092 EA Amsterdam

Start level: A2-
Target level: A2
Number of students: 4 - 9
Homework per week: 10 hours
Course price: € 615.00 (36 hours)

This course is meant for people who already have some knowledge of the Dutch language, almost level A2, but for whom te course at intermediate level is yet too difficult.

Maybe you did a beginners course before, but you want to go over the basic grammar again. The main purpose is to practice all main subjects from a beginners course, so at the end you’ll have a solid base to continue the intermediate course. The method we use is De Opmaat. This method is meant for those who want to function or study on a (near) academic level. Students are required to spend about 10 hours on homework, to prepare the lessons, listen to the texts and learn the vocabulary. In class, students focus on activities which require the presence of a teacher or fellow students, such as the training of conversation skills and explanation oaf and practicing grammar topics. During the lessons we will focus on speaking and explanation. Writing assignments are done both in class and at home. In the last week we’ll have a test at level A2.

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Start date 07-10-2019