Lishe Los

Hello, my name is Lishe. I have done quiet a few studies; farmacy-assistent, swimming teacher, Social Anthropology (visual anthropology and medical anthropology) at the Vrije Universiteit and I got my 1st degree of social sciences and my NT2 certificates. Since 2014 I can call myself BVNT2 certified teacher.

During my study of cultural anthropology, I taught Dutch refugees, asylum seekers and undocumented people at the ASKV. I also workes as a legal assistant at Amnesty International and Vluchtelingenwerk Nederland.

What makes my work as an NT2 teacher so interesting is that no day is the same: other levels, other students and other topics that are discussed. I am a true Montessori teacher and attache a lot to the characteristics ‘head, heart, hands’. I like to look for challenging teaching materials that match the experience of my students. I also find it important that students learn to reflect on their own work and learn how to determine how far they are in their development and what the next steps are. Of the different working methods I am always most enthusiastic about bringing in the outside world by means of role play or simulation. I like to look at the talents of each individual and to give compliments. A good knowledge of the language is essential to understand the culture of a country. It is fully in line with my vision.