Merel Ligtelijn

My name is Merel Ligtelijn. I graduated from the University of Amsterdam in the Human Geography of Developing Countries. Since my studies, I have been active in journalism. I write articles and books, I make exhibitions, and I develop and realise different kinds of projects. In between these activities, I am working on a publication about an Alaskan Inupiat village. I visited the village on several occasions, and I have made it the subject of previous publications. 
As well I am a certified NT2 teacher (Dutch as a Second Language). In this capacity, I teach both highly educated and (functionally) illiterate people at several language schools and institutes – a most rewarding job. Since February 2017, I have also been teaching at NedLes. It is inspiring to meet all those people from various cultures and continents and help them get on with their lives.
In association with a colleague from the field, I am in the process of developing Taal&Theater (Language&Theatre), a course in which the participants learn Dutch by creating their own play on the basis of collaboration and personal contribution with their talents, stories and dreams.