Sarah Bouanan

My name is Sarah Bouanan, a 25-year-old young lady from Amsterdam. I followed the Dutch teacher training course at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam three years ago. I soon found out that I wanted more than just being busy with the subject of Dutch. I find it a huge challenge to introduce people from all sorts of different cultural backgrounds to our language, which eventually also becomes your language! That is why I first decided to give one-on-one lessons to isolated migrant women as a language volunteer at ABC- Buurtvrouwen Contact.

After that I met a lot of beautiful people at various workplaces with an identical  dream: learning to speak better Dutch! I think it’s wonderful to be able to see from close up how these people, each in their own unique way, try to master the language. It is for me, like the language learners, very instructive to identify the differences and similarities as well among various groups who try to learn the Dutch language step by step. At the ROC in Amsterdam, for example, I worked with expats who mainly ran into pronunciation problems and wanted to expand their Dutch vocabulary. I also noticed that facets such as pronunciation and vocabulary training are essential for foreign language speakers of the Language Center in Almere. It was nice and very instructive to work with both young and slightly older people!

Helping people to learn a new language is more than a passion for me. It gives me enormous satisfaction when I have helped others on their way to language development. I find taking care of private lessons, besides the inspiring group lessons, also a very nice activity! Finally, I like to read or take long walks through the Amsterdam forest.

I hope to meet you in one of the courses!