Touria Bouhkim

My name is Touria Bouhkim. I studied Semitic Languages & Cultures (UvA), Cultural Studies (UvA) and Philosophy of Religon (VU). At the moment, I work as a professional lecturer, guide and tour manager, specialized in art history and history of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. I’m also a teacher and an educator. I started as a remedial teacher (zmlk-/zmok-leerlingen) when I was still a student at the university. Since August 2017, I’m working for NedLes.

About 20 years ago, museums in Amsterdam decided to offer tours especially for foreigners (students, expats, refugees) who were learning Dutch (NT2-rondleidingen). In 2006, the Amsterdam City Council introduced the project Stad en Taal. I was one of the first NT2 museum educators (NT2-docent) who was asked to join this project. Looking back it was a logical step for me, because it was an opportunity to bring together all the things I like: studying and teaching, but above all meeting people from different religious and cultural backgrounds, sharing stories and enjoying art.

Having learned foreign languages as a child (Dutch, Moroccan-Arabic), as a teenager (English, French, German, Latin, Greek), and as an adult (Arabic, Hebrew, Italian), I can very much relate to the challenges of learning a new language in different stages in life. However, beside the difficulties and challenges, I also recall the many moments of fun and pride being able to express myself in a language that used to be a mystery to me. As a teacher, I’m often moved when I see my students experience the same process.

I love the Dutch language and I enjoy passing this love on to other people, using songs, poetry, literature, art and humour!