Civic integration Exam

First of all: there will be a change, but for those who got their residence permit before January 2015, this is the situation:

The inburgeringsexamen consists of five exams. You can do them all in one day.

  • Exam reading, language level A2
    You will get 25 multiple choice questions, at several texts. You need at least 18 right answers. It’s made on the computer. It lasts for 65 minutes. You can find an example of the exam at
  • Exam listening, language level A2
    You listen to audiofragments and you’ll get around 25 multiple choice questions. You need at least 19 right answers. It’s made at the computer. It lasts for 35 minutes. You can find an example of the exam at
  • Exam writing, language level A2
    For the writing test you need to write some short notes and fill in a form. You can find an example of the exam at  (examen 5)
  • Exam speaking
    The exam consists of two parts:

    1. You will get several questions and you need to give a proper reaction. For example: How do you travel to your work and why do you travel that way Ik ga met de bus want ik heb geen auto.(I go by bus, because I don’t have a car)
    2. You see a movie with a short conversation and from three possible reactions you choose the right one (you don’t speak here, just click).

    You can find an example of the exam at

  • Exam KNM (Kennis van de Nederlandse Maatschappij / Knowledge of Dutch society)
    It lasts for 45 minutes. You will get 45 questions. You need at least 26 right answers. You can find an example of the exam at

New part of the exam: orientation on the Dutch labour market Those who get their first residence permit (MVV) after January 1 2015 need to do an extra exam; “Orientation on the Dutch labour market. Those who want to apply for a Dutch passport or a permanent residence permit need to do that as well. You have to make a small portfolio in which you proof you know the important things about how to find a job here. And you need to had a conversation about it. You can read more it about it at

Preparation for the civic integration exam
You need to pass the civic integration exam? Or you just want to know what to expect and if you have the right level? Nedles organizes several courses to prepare for the exams. Please see -> Training for exams
Exception for parts of the civic integration exam if you have passed a part of the State examination NT2
If you have a certificate for passing a part of the State examination NT2; reading, listening, speaking or writing, then that’s a dispensation for that part of the civic integration exam.
The fastest way is to apply by DigiD;, or via a school (such as NedLes). V
You can also apply by filling in a form, but it takes a long time, and you can not choose your own date. If you send us an email with your bsn number, date of birth, telephone number and preferred dates for the exam, we can apply and schedule your exam.The costs (February 2019):

  • Speaking: € 60,-
  • Listening: € 50,-
  • Reading: € 50,-
  • Writing: € 50,-
  • KNM: € 40,-
  • Knowledge of Dutch labour market: € 40,-
  • In total: € 350,-

When you apply via NedLes you pay an extra fee of 10%.

More information

And of course, if you want more information, or if you want to discuss the options in a personal consultation, please email or call us.

August 2016, Annelies Braams, NedLes