Meet the Dutch and enlarge your professional network

This network event is a cooperation of Bread Fund Korenmaten, NedLes and Boost Ringdijk

The Bread Fund “Korenmaten” is a group of self-employed people and freelancers to support each other if they become unable to work.  We have 50 participating independent professionals: web-designers, civil engineers, advisors, acrobats, filmmakers, writers, teachers, cooks, caterers, carpenters, architects and many others. We are organising a get-together for non-Dutch professionals that like to meet Dutch fellow professionals and extend their network in the Netherlands. We hope that each participant will get at least one concrete appointment out of the event, ideally in the area of work but it can also be something related to a hobby or a visit to a sports or cultural event.

Address: Boost Ringdijk, Ringdijk 44, 1097 AE Amsterdam

The Programm:

  • 19:30: coffee and thee at the Ringdijk
  • 20:00 uur start netwerk programm:
    • Get to know each other, first impressions
    • Speed date
    • Table conversations based on common interests
    • Market: What can you offer? What are you looking for?
  • 22:00 uur afterparty


Ik kom 7 februari bij Meet the Dutch