The state examination NT2

  • program 1 (language level B1) or
  • program 2 (language level B2)

The state examination consists of 4 different tests: Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking. Each part takes one to two hours. You don’t have to do all the the tests at the same time. If you fail one part you only need to do that one again. After you have passed all four parts, you’ll receive the diploma. The NT2-II is designed for people who (want to) study or work at acadamic or near academic level. Universities require this exam as proof that your Dutch is good enough to follow a Dutch study . For employers, it is a proof that your Dutch is good enough to work in a Dutch environment. The NT2-I is designed for people who (want to) study or work at intermediate level. The difference between the two exams is primarily in the type of texts and assignments; in program 2, the texts are more abstract and difficult than in program 1. The requirements for grammatical correctness are the same in both programs. The NT2 exam was initially not intended for the civic integration, but for some years now, the diploma of the State examination NT2 is an exemption for the civic integration exam.

Notice: Those who are obliged to do the civic integration and first registered in the Netherlands after January 1 2015, need to do an extra exam; Knowledge of Dutch society. This exam consists of two parts:

  1. Kennis van de Nederlandse Maatschappij (KNM)
  2. Oriëntatie op de Nederlandse Arbeidsmarkt (ONA). You have to show that you have thought about how to get a job in The Netherlands. Even if you have a job already? Yes, even then, I am sorry!

If you want to use the State examination for a permanent residence permit or naturalization, you don’t need to do the extra exams.

Training for the State examination NT2
Do you want to pass the state Dutch examination or do you just want to know what to expect and if you have the right level to pass the exam? You are welcome to join our training for the State examination. We’ll practice with all four parts of the exam. Please, click here for dates and program.
More information

The costs (January 2015): the State Examination NT2 will cost you € 180,-; € 45,- for each part. The KNM exam (KNS and ONA) will cost you € 140,-.And, of course, you can email or call us if you want more information, or if you want to discuss the options in a personal consultation.