What made the class worth while for me was the chance to get a glimpse into the Dutch everyday live, from the building in the Amsterdam "grachten gordel", the home-cooked food served for lunch and dinner as well as the personal accounts of the teachers and the use of newspaper clips of the prior day for some of the exercises.
Petra Fishert


Annelies Braams

Bart van Aert

Renske Berns

Karla Brouwer

Wilma Emond

Aline Fauquenot

Michiel Hanrath

Elsbeth Hoekstra

Ellen Huijsmans

Marleen de Jager

Eva de Jong

Maud Kieft

Willemijn Koning

Merel Ligtelijn

Ingrid Mersel

Welmoed Nijhout

Maroesja Perizonius

Vanessa Pruijt

Rebecca van Raamsdonk

Willemijn Rijper

Ina Ruijter

Liesje Schreuders

Corinne van der Steen

Stef Theunissen

Lobke Timmerman

Stefanieke Veenstra

Louis van der Voort

Joke Willeboordse

Joëtta Zoetelief

All our teachers are enthusiastic about their job , committed to their students, well qualified, and they know theyŕe doing.

Teachers of NedLes have to fullfil seven golden rules:

  • Don’t do things during lesson time that can be done at home as well
  • Make sure that every single student learns as much as possible
  • Make sure that every single student speaks as much as possible
  • Give feedback to each student: what goes right and what goes wrong
  • make sure that there is enough progress in the group
  • Make clear what will be done in class and what will be done at home
  • Start and end the lessons on the agreed time